Hoosiergirl Wanders

An Indiana Girl in a Florida World


About Me

Who is Hoosiergirl?  I was Indiana born and raised and then transplanted to Central Florida.  Even though I loved growing up in a small farming town, I knew I was destined for bigger pastures.

As a child I traveled not on planes but on the pages of books.  A dusty covered wagon transported me through the prairie with the Ingalls family. I hunted coons alongside Old Dan and Little Ann.  I snuck into the secret garden, hid in an attic with Anne Frank, toured The Chocolate Factory with Charlie.  Through these pages my sense of adventure was born and the seeds of wanderlust planted.

My parents are practical people.  Money should be saved for a rainy day not splurged on luxuries like travel.  That’s not to say we went no where, we just weren’t travelers in the traditional sense.  Our family adventures usually involved an Indiana state park, a tent, and a short car ride.  It was on these car trips that the seeds of wanderlust grew taller and stronger.

Those seeds finally bloomed once my parents put aside practicality and drove the family to Walt Disney World.  That one trip is the standard by which I measure all others.  It was on that car trip that I learned about myself, and unknowingly at the time, was finding the person I would become.

Travel is a sexy seductress.  New food. New places. New experiences. All of these things entice me into constantly booking new trips and new adventures all in the attempt to quench my broaden my horizons.  .  So follow me as I use the keystrokes to record my wanderings from Indiana to Central Florida and everywhere in between, and maybe I’ll awaken your sense of wandering as well.

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