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Winding Our Way Through the Alpine Loop

It was time to say goodbye to Park City, but an evening flight meant that we had time for one more adventure.  I spent the night before contemplating what to do.  We wanted to head to the Bonneville Salt Flats, but the 3 hour round trip car ride didn’t sound appealing.  We contemplated hiking to donut falls, but after some quick research we weren’t up for getting all sweaty and then getting on a plane, so we decided on going down to Sundance and doing the Alpine Loop.


Just weeks earlier fiery yellow leaves shimmered in the breeze on each Aspen tree shimmering like gold on the mountainside. We were a little late for the fall colors as most of the leaves had already fallen off the Aspen trees leaving stark white bark behind.  Despite their nakedness, I found the bark to be beautiful in its own right.  


After stopping at several pullouts to snap pictures, Geoff decided it might be fun to test out mounting the GoPro the the front of the car.  As we zigged and zagged along the narrow road, I wished for one more day to explore the forest by foot.  We headed toward a short hike to some falls, but were derailed about halfway there due to a fallen tree in the road.  With a maximum speed limit of 25mph on the windy roads, the clock was ticking down quickly to the end of our Park City adventure.  


For only six dollars, we burned through our morning taking in amazing views of the Wasatch Range.  Along the route is the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, sadly closed in mid October.  I was hoping to add a new cancellation stamp to my National Park passport.  The cave is only open in the summer by ranger led tour.  This is staying on my bucket list for my next trip back to Park City and northern Utah.

I loved how remote it felt as we meandered our way back towards the highway.  With the radio blasting, windows cracked, we completed the loop.  

As the seconds ticked away until our rental car return, we made one last pit stop at Bridal Veil Falls.  The temperature was plummeting. I was happy to jump out of the car to take a few photo ops while fighting the biting wind.  But it was even better to return to the warmth of car and soon the warmth of the Sunshine State.  


I am so happy we opted for a Park City getaway when our Hilton Head getaway fell apart.  I fell in love with Utah and cannot wait to get back with more than three days to explore all the hidden gems.   

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hoosiergirl • August 22, 2017

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