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A Last Minute Utah Adventure

What do you do when Hurricane Matthew ruins your vacation plans to visit Hilton Head,  South Carolina?  Well,  you book a last minute flight to Salt Lake City of course,  and then spend the few days prior to your departure frantically trying to research and create a workable itinerary.  Instead of sun and sand we would be looking for fall foliage.   

This was a new city for both of us,  and since neither one of us had any bearings regarding what was where,  I was nervous that I had over planned our 72 hour adventure.  Thanks to Google maps,  Pinterest,  and endless Internet searches, I found us the perfect itinerary to celebrate our shared birthday weekend.

From cliff hanging to ziplining to hot springs swimming, to scenic driving,  we conquered Salt Lake City by cramming every waking moment with unadulterated fun.  Fall,  fly,  walk,  and ride with me on my Salt Lake City Adventure.


hoosiergirl • November 6, 2016

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